Friday, September 9, 2011

A condecorated soldier

Finally got my last medal in Senjou no Valkyria 3, and with this, I have all the medals in all the Valkyria Chronicles games.

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I got Senjou no Valkyria 3 when it was released in Japan back in January, I played 90 hours (beat the game, see both endings, complete some extra stuff..) but decided to left the rest of the stuff for the English version. I did the same with the previous Japanese versions, but obviously, doesn't look like Sega is going to localize Senjou no Valkyria 3 for the west and with the news of the Extra Edition, I decided to finish what I left uncompleted.

At the end I completed the game after 140 hours, far away from the 270 hours I played Valkyria Chronicles 2, but we all know why you need to invest so many hours into Valkyria Chronicles 2.

I captured some of the stats from my savegame.

Nothing much to say, 5771 enemies defeated and of course every mission with S rank, if I remember well I killed 12000 enemies in Valkyria Chronicles 2!.

Very surprised to see Imca so up in the charts, but know that I think about it, I used her to achieve the medal for getting all the potentials with one soldier, so that's the reason. Looks like I love Riela, Carissa and her awesome tank and of course the snipers, Kurt is OK, you have to use it no matter what, at least for his command point.

Combo attacks, I don't use those much, but obviously, Riela and Carissa are right there.

Go scouts!.

And that's all, now I have to wait till November to import my savedate into the Extra Edition. I have the game to fresh in my mind, I don't fell like replaying the whole game again, not so soon at least. So I will play the new content, and then some DLC codes that I have from the Anime DVDs  and the Imca nendroid, and finally will purchase the remaining DLC content. Like I did with the completion of the game, I was holding back to get or play all the DLC till the English version comes to the west...... oh, well.

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