Sunday, October 2, 2011

RAITA latest news

Thanks to Comic Amaro we have now a wallpaper of the gorgeous cover from the second volume of Amaro. The wallpaper is available in 2 resolutions.

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RAITA has designed an NPC character for the online PC game Angelic Crest. The game is only available in Japan and below you have a little information about the game thanks to mmogamersite.

“Angelic Crest” is set in the  futuristic earth, trying to depict a picture that a group of invaders on Earth caused widespread damage. Under such emergency, Players who are empowered by the Angelic Crest finally fend off the invasion.
“Angelic Crest” is a combination of casual elements, combat simulation and RPG, the game blends elements of the vastness of the universe and a sense of time and space,  science and technology, which will give players an unprecedented online gaming experience.
By utilizing SLG battle mode in the game, players will transform himself into a heroic warrior and “Angels Secret Service team” band together to resist the invasion of evil forces from the future.
As the story missions evolves, players will interact with Angels Secret team’s Samantha who is playful, outgoing, calm and rational
In defense of the Earth while fighting many unexpected things will occur each day in  your lives.

The game was released in the spring of 2010.

There is no much to talk about Valkyria Chronicles this days  so is hard to update the blog with news, please keep visiting or subscribe to the RSS feed to receive the news updates.

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