Monday, December 26, 2011

Amaro 2012 Winter RAITA Wallpaper

The cover art for the Amaro 2012 Winter magazine drawn by RAITA is now available in two resolutions.


  1. Serenade_King: Seeing this just makes me want VC4 more, would be interesting to have dogs as a unit sort of like a scout but faster running speed so it's harder to be hit by the enemy cross fire ^_^.

  2. Serenade_King: Ok, now I'm starting to get worried, I'm the only person leaving any comments and I'm afraid that Reila decides that it isn't worth his/her time to keep this blog alive. This blog brings great news about Valkyria Chronicles and Raita alike and will be a shame if it gets closed down so please people comment to show that you still care.

    to Reila Marcellis: If you want I will help you with the blog any way that I can, but I wont be able to help till march 2012 because of work and university reasons.My PSN account is Serenade_King so you can add me and contact me if you like.

  3. Any help is great, you have my contact e-mail in the right side of the blog, just behind the total pageviews. I don't know if the blog will be active by march, if there is nothing new (game announcement or something), is going to be hard to keep this place somehow relevant, but I will try.