Friday, January 6, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hello everyone! I'm ShinobiMuramasa and I'll also be posting on the blog from now on.

I suppose I should start off by telling you all a bit about myself. Naturally, I'm a huge fan of Valkyria Chronicles. I was initially drawn to the series because its blend of strategy, RPG, and shooting elements looked incredibly innovative. Once I got the first game I was hooked and it has easily become one of my favorite video game series.

Like the rest of you I was very disappointed about Sega's decision not to release VC3 outside of Japan. Last summer I spent a lot of time organizing VC fans on various video game boards, Sega's board, Twitter, and Facebook to voice our support for the game. I also created topics on the Atlus, Aksys, NIS, and XSEED game request boards to see if it would be possible for someone other than Sega to localize the game. If you were around then my name may be familiar to you.

Despite receiving heavy support on all of those fronts, our voices fell on Sega's deaf ears with them essentially telling us to leave them alone. Discouraged with Sega of America's lack of fan concern, I left the VC scene for a while and resigned myself to importing VC3. The next time I returned to check on VC news I noticed the recently started Gallian Liberation Front Campaign. I don't know whether or not any amount of fan support will matter to Sega, but hopefully the voices they heard from my movement as well as the Gallian Liberation Front will have some kind of impact.

In the midst of the discouraged and dejected mood surrounding the fate of VC outside of Japan, I came across this blog, which I saw as a ray of light for all VC fans. Even if Sega of America/Europe won't release VC3, and possibly future installments, outside of Japan, as fans we cannot allow the series to fall into obscurity. As a series, Valkyria Chronicles is thriving and is very much alive. Even if the information about new products or related material is not quickly accessible to us, it is still available and


  1. Welcome ShinobiMuramasa and thanks for helping me with this humble blog.

  2. Serenade_King: Hello ShinobiMuramasa, good to see people caring for Valkyria Chronicles ^_^.

  3. Thanks for the welcomes guys! I'll do my best to make meaningful contributions!

  4. thank you ShinobiMuramasa