Saturday, January 7, 2012

RAITA x Comic Market 81

Both doujinshi published by RAITA in the Comic Market 81 are available now.

·魔法少女8.0 (mahoushoujo 8.0)

Your typical doujinshi with material that is not safe for work or for under-age people. I uploaded it as I got it, any censoring done is not my own doing.

·絶対純白?魔法少女 (zettai junpaku ? mahoushoujo)

This is more than anything a sketchbook with designs from previous doujinshi and some unused stuff. If you don't mind some girls without any clothes, you are safe.


  1. Serenade_King: Awesome art like always Raita :P. In side news Katawa Shoujo has been finished, a visual novel by Four Leaf Studios, a group of fans that made the game based on a concept art by Raita.

  2. Serenade_King thanks for the info, but I don't know if that is too far away from the main topic of this blog, after all the only thing RAITA did is draw a single page and fans made a game with their own art based on that page (+ the girl descriptions), if it was all RAITA artwork, for sure it will be posted here, but I will think about it, thanks anyway ;)

  3. It's awesome that you made these available for us. I'd love to see more Valkyria Chronicles doujinshi. Wasn't there a third one that this site revealed alongside the above two? Might we see that one at some point, too?

  4. Since VC news seems to be scarce right now, I've been keeping watch for any RAITA related news. I've been keeping an eye on his twitter and later I will take a look and see if I can find anything of interest to post.

  5. Anonymous: I don't have the third one yet and I'm not sure if I will find it at some point.

  6. Well that third one shown isn't done by RAITA, in case that affects your interest Anonymous.