Monday, January 16, 2012

Senjou no Valkyria franchise sales numbers

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There are some things to consider before taking a look at the graph:

-The data comes from Media Create annual sales report (Senjou no Valkyria 1 & 2 games) and Famitsu annual sales report "provisional" (Senjou no Valkyria 3 games).
-Digital sales are not tracked.
-Media Create is regarded as the most complete and reliable source, but their chart for 2011 top sales games is not yet available, so I'm using the "provisional" Famitsu chart for Senjou no Valkyria 3 games.
-Sales for every game are slightly bigger because when the games can't reach a set position in the sales chart, the data is no longer provided to the public, but at this point in the game lifespan, sales are minimal and don't represent an impact in total sales numbers.
-There is something odd going on with the Extra Edition, the game was released in November, 23 and the Famitsu chart tracks till December, 25, so there is some data missing.

I will bring you any update if needed when Media Create 2011 chart is available to the public.

All in all, I think is safe to say that there is a strong fanbase in Japan, all the regular releases of the games has reached 150.000 copies sold. It's true that we don't know how much they spend to make the games or how much profit Sega gets from them (plus toys, books...) but there are games that sold way less and they get sequel all the time.


  1. So from the looks of it even in Japan the first game sold far better than the ones on the PSP (almost double the sales).

    I wish there was some legitimate means to track the sales in North America and Europe since VGChartz estimates the sales of games in the West.

  2. It's really amazing how much the budget version of the first game sold taking into account how low the sales were for the first week. The game in the states also got a huge boost when they cutted the price.

  3. The sad thing is that sales numbers for the North American and European release past the first week are not publicly available or even tracked by the NDP.

    The only data we have for the Western release is VGChartz which estimates sales. :(

  4. It really is a shame that we do not have a reliable means to track the sales outside of Japan. Even if Sega does abandon the series outside of Japan, at least if it continues in Japan we'll still have access to it. Let's just hope the Japanese sales numbers were pleasing to Sega.

  5. I actually wonder if NDP still tracks sales numbers for older games and if it is expensive to find out sales figures from them...

  6. It's kind of sad reflecting on these sales numbers when you consider the first game sold around 260, 000 (legit sales figure), mostly after a price cut, in North America and Europe and the second game sold a little over 60, 000 copies.