Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Valkyria Chronicles 3 Character Personal Potentials

I recently got VC3 so now I can really start doing some translations. I would like to play through the game once before I go through to translate the supplementary information, so for now I am planning on translating things relevant to gameplay. So far it doesn't look like anyone has translated the characters' personal potentials, so that's what I'll be doing now. I don't have a lot of free time right now, but I'm going to try do three or so of these each time I get a chance to play.

Although I'm not far into the game yet, because I am using the Japanese wiki to draw information from, my translations will include all of the potentials the characters get throughout the game. After I complete all of the characters I plan on reorganizing and tidying up all of the information. So until, please keep in mind that these are rough translations. I will pretty them up later and I am considering trying to match my phrasing and terminology to match that of the localized VC1 and 2.

So here are the first 4 that I did:

Personal Potentials

クルト・アーヴィング Kurt Irving


Accuracy, evasion, anti-personnel damage, anti-tank damage, defense, status ailment resistance increase.

冷静 Calm Mind

When under interception fire accuracy increases.

料理好き Cooking Lover

Boost to defense while on cement.

理屈家 Theorist

Defense down.

名も無き英雄 Nameless Hero (After viewing the event “Farewell Gallia” ガリアよ、さらば) Replaces the "Theorist" Potential

When 3 or more allied units are nearby, accuracy, defense, anti-personnel damage, and anti-tank damage increase.


リエラ・マルセリスRiela Marcellis


When allied units are nearby evasion increases.

努力 Hard Worker

When HP drops below half, HP recovers.

不思議な体 Mysterious Body

After ending targeting mode from an attack, HP recovers fully.

死神の異名 The Grim Reaper Label

When under interception fire defense and accuracy decrease.

未来への不安 Worried about the future. (After Chapter 9) Replaces "The Grim Reaper Label"

Once AP drops below half, no longer able to move.

ヴァルキュリア Valkyria (After Chapter 16) Replaces "Worried about the future"

When HP Drops below half, accuracy, evasion, anti-personnel damage, anti-tank damage, defense, status ailment resistance increase.



孤高 Isolation

When no allies are nearby defense increases.

偏食 Unbalanced Diet

When AP drops below half, evasion decreases.

田舎育ち Country Bred

When standing on the ground, accuracy and anti-personnel attack increase.

復讐の誓い Oath of Revenge

When 3 or more enemy units are nearby, evasion and defense decrease.

新たなる道 A New Path(After Chapter 18) Replaces "Oath of Revenge"

When 3 or more enemy units are nearby, anti-personnel, anti-tank, and defense increase.



ダルクスの誇りDarcsen Pride

When Darcsens are nearby, regardless of if they are friend or foe, accuracy, anti-tank damage, and defense increase.

リーダーシップ Leadership

When 3 or more allied units are nearby defense increases.

辛いもの好き Spicy Food Lover

When under interception fire defense increases.

理想家 Idealist

Anti-personnel and anti-tank damage decrease.

猜疑心 Suspicious(After chapter 8) Replaces "Idealist"

When enemy units are nearby accuracy and defense decrease.

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  1. Very cool, thnaks for the translation, when everything is completed, it will be helpful for newcomers.