Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Senjou no Valkyria & RAITA in Wonder Festival 2012 [Winter]

This is all the info and images that I manage to get from the Wonder Festival that took place 2 days ago. As far as I know the only figure that will be on stores is the Selvaria Bles figure created by Volks, the rest are model kits done by circles to be sold in hobby festivals. Regarding the RAITA figures, the only info that I manage to find it's that a company or circle called native is doing the Misa-nee from the Magical Girl doujinshi, for the rest I don't have a clue, and I don't know if the Misa-nee figure will be sold in stores or it's a model kit.

You can watch the images after the jump, but be careful some images are not safe for work.

This the image that Volks used to announce the figure last year.
Publicity on Volks New magazine.

As you can see above, the figure will cost 12.600 yens and the scale is 1/8, no release date has been announced.

Below some model kits from unknown circles.

Below some model kits from RAITA doujinshi characters.

Below Misa-nee from the Magical Girl doujinshi.

And finally this looks like the announcement of another figure or model kit based on RAITA's Magical Girl doujinshi series.


  1. I like the Medic one, I would love that one.

  2. Serenade_King: I know Raita likes to draw big chested women but good lord the girl from Mahou Shoujo is a little extreme :P. My sister had lots of headaches for leaving her hair too long, Misa-nee must have that but also back pains... poor girl. I liked Selvaria with Ruhm, the ones with Misa-nee with wings and the concept art for the other girl... too bad I don't have the money to buy figures, I would like some but at least Ninja Gaiden 3 comes with one of Ryu XD.

  3. Well NG3 comes with the regent of the mask figure too, 2 figures for the price of one :)

  4. Replies
    1. Indeed, I've been looking forward to hearing some news about the series, but it seems there's nothing new right now.

    2. Serenade_King: I just hope that the PSVita gives Sega a reason to release VC3 NA >_<.

  5. Yeah, sorry guys there is nothing new to update the blog, I have some VITA wallpapers and 1 doujinshi only, I will make an entry this week.