Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kurt and Riela announced as playable characters in Project X Zone [Updated with Scan]

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Details for the mysterious collaboration between Sega, Namco Bandai, and Capcom have finally started to surface. Project X Zone will be a strategy RPG for the Nintendo 3DS with playable characters from various series. Kurt and Riela are one pair of characters representing Sega, but that doesn't necessarily mean that the VC cameos stop there. A trailer is expected to be released later this month, so keep an eye out for that.

Here's a link to the game's official site:

Expect more information and visuals once the counter on the website finishes ticking down.

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  1. Looks pretty cool, let's hope it gets localized because the previous title (NamcoxCapcom) never got a western release. Also is a shame that the game is not for PS3 or VITA, more than anything because the Nintendo 3DS is region locked.