Sunday, May 27, 2012

ATLUS talks about Valkyria Chronicles 3

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I couldn’t help but to ask if Atlus has heard the internet rumble of fans wishing, hoping that Atlus could somehow pick up Valkyria Chronicles III and release it in the West. Funny enough, at first the Atlus representative seemed incredulous as to why SEGA wouldn’t be releasing a property with so much recognition and critical praise.
He said he hadn’t seen too many people asking for the title on their forums unlike Grand Knights History. I replied that SEGA’s forums certainly had fans calling for the title and he shrugged and said he’d take a look. Lastly, he looked at me and said that it could just be that SEGA rather not have anyone else make money from their IP other than themselves. Maybe fans should start hitting up XSEED, ATLUS, and/or NIS to see if they can’t bargain out something with SEGA of Japan.


  1. I started localization topics on the XSEED, ATLUS, NIS, and AKSYS game request boards long before the whole GLF movement started and those topics have steadily grown since then. There has been plenty of support at all of those places and despite the topics being more than a year old, people are still posting in them now. From the employees that posted in them from the various companies the general consensus seems to be that Sega doesn't want another company to make money off of their IP, so Sega wouldn't allow those interested companies to localize it.

  2. Something that makes zero sense, because allowing other company to publish the game, means zero effort for Sega and some extra cash for them, probably they don't want another Demon's Soul case.