Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Gallian Torrent

Today I bring you some interesting torrent files. First of all a torrent from Celestial Being with some content extracted directly from the Valkyria Chronicles game for PS3. In this torrent you will find the following content:

·PS3 menu images: All the images that the PS3 display when you insert the game disc or load your savegame.
·Music: 33 music track, because this is directly ripped from the disc as raw data, they are not properly named. This is not the full soundtrack or in most of the cases the full songs but there are some interesting things.
·Movies: 71 movie files at 720P resolution. From the opening, to the credits, every movie in the game with dual audio (Japanese and English) without subtitles.

The torrent is pretty heavy and probably there is not too many people seedeing it, be patient. Open the link below with your torrent program.

The next one is another fansub of the first OVA of Senjou no Valkyria 3, this time done by the group called Doki. The OVA is available in 3 resolutions, 480P, 720P and 1080P with very high quality of sound and image and of course English subtitles.

The torrents are fairly new, it won't be a problem when it comes to download. Don't forget to share when you are done and support the real product if you can afford it. Open the link below with your torrent program.

Lastly, I added my contact e-mail in case anyone want to collaborate or send me news tips. The address is located in the right side of the blog, just below the total pageviews and the RSS subscription. I live in Europe, if you contact me from other part of the world, it will take maybe a day for me to notice it because the time difference, be patient, I always reply.


  1. Serenade_King: Downloading the torrent, thank you so much... I wander if there is something like this for all the Disgaea games^_^

  2. I don't know, but if you like Blazblue, they released something similar.

  3. Serenade_King: Thanks, that's Good, especially since the story of BB is hard to follow :P.

  4. Alright I realize this is a couple months old, but do you think you could seed this (if you still have it) for a day? I'm stuck at 99.9%. The only file I lack is the movie file "EV0502.mkv" if you can't (or don't want to) that's fine, no hard feelings or anything.

  5. ok, I'm seeding, let me know when you finish. My upload speed is not big, it will take some time.

  6. Done. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!