Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Senjou no Valkyria 3 EXTRA EDITION Impressions

 空- Look up at the sky

This is the chapter about Gusurg sister paying a visit to Kurt and Imca to deliver a letter written by Gusurg. Very emotional episode that cast a light into Gusurg life, intentions and the Darcsen stigma. There is no map to play in this episode, only story with 4 story events. Personally I loved it, it ends in a very cool and emotional way.

Home - Place where welcomes us always

This is the epilogue of the game if you take Imca's path in the story mode. As most of the people already now, you can choose between Riela and Imca in the story mode and this leads to a different ending, but only Riela's epilogue was included in the original release. I guess they included this for Imca fans because Riela's ending/epilogue is the official ending for the game

If you watched Imca's ending of the game, this is pretty much it, there is some conversations between Kurt and Imca (last 3 story events) before playing the anime cutscene from the story mode. It's a nice look into what went into Imca's head after the game ends.

カリサの格言 - Where They Should be

This is a new episode focused on Carisa and the only one that has a playable map. To begin with, is not that focused on Carisa even if he is the main force behind the episode, another members of the Squad 422 make an appearance, with Margit Ravelli having a big role in it.

The episode is composed of 4 story event and one playable map. The map has 4 stars difficulty and basically you have to stop the enemy forces before they destroy a crate. If you can make the crate last for 5 turns, the map ends and you get an A rank, if you manage to kill all the enemies in 4 turns, you get an S rank, there is no ace or anything special about, pretty straight forward map and episode. The map is divided in 3 zones and enemies respawn after turn 3.

In this chapter you can only select the following members of Squad 422 :

Giulio Rosso, Gloria Durrell, Cedric Drake, Margit Ravelli, Clarissa Callaghan, Ada Ansorge, Gisele Fleming, Frederica Lipps and Carisa.

So it took me 1:40 hours to beat/watch all this new content, is it worth 4000 yens if you have the original release?, probably not, but if you didn't purchased any DLC for the original release you can add more or less 3 hours more making it a little more valuable.

I captured this two CG pictures too, the first one is from Kurt Irving's First Battle and the second one from The Secret of Her Powers/Chapter 8.


  1. Serenade_King: I hope that is VC3 is released in the west they release the extra edition because of Imcas epilogue. Darcsens always get left behind in story in my opinion so I hope that in VC 3 the main character is a Darcsen.

  2. Serenade_King: I meant Valkyria Chronicles 4, sorry >_<