Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Valkyria Chronicles 2: World Artworks

This was announced a while back, but I thought it would be good to throw everyone a reminder. UDON Entertainment will be releasing the Valkyria Chronicles 2: World Artworks later this year. Despite several release date delays, they did an excellent job with the first Valkyria Chronicles artbook. So if you're a fan of RAITA's art or just want to see behind the scenes details about the series, it would definitely be a good idea to pick this up.

Pre-orders are open on Amazon, so if you're thinking about buying it I would highly recommend that you pre-order, not just because it is beneficial to the publisher but also because you'll be able to save some money. I pre-ordered the first artbook about a year before it was released (due to all of the delays) and thanks to Amazon's pre-order price guarantee, by the time it was released I ended up paying much less for it than its final price. So if you're interested in pre-ordering, click here to be taken to the Amazon product page.

Something else to keep in mind about these artbooks is that even though VC3 has yet to be released outside of Japan, if we show UDON through the sales of the artbooks that we would like to see the VC3 artbook as well, we may have a chance at getting them to release that too. So if you want to see the VC3 artbook in English at some point, make sure to purchase the VC1 book if you haven't already and pre-order VC2's!


  1. Serenade_King: I already have two copies of the first book and have two copies reserved of the VC2 art-book :P, best game art-book I have seen. I hope Udon ends up releasing VC3 art-book and also the one announced of Dark Souls >_<.

  2. Let's hope they don't delay it anymore, According to Amazon is out in April.